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We are located in Saint Louis, Mo. Central West End. All orders are delivered.


Since launching her business in 2013, Katina's passion for baking has been unwavering, with her primary aim being to spread happiness through her culinary creations.


Our cakes are uniquely tailored for each occasion and individual preferences. The cost varies based on factors like size, tier quantity, design intricacy, and collection/delivery options. An initial quote will detail the specific pricing.

What event are you planning? 
The choice can affect both the serving size and overall size of the cake. For example, we usually prepare larger party or dessert slices for birthdays, while weddings and corporate events often feature smaller, coffee-sized portions.

How many guests do you aim to feed, and/or will other desserts be required or provided? 
If the cake is the primary dessert, it's advisable to serve larger portions and choose a bigger cake to accommodate all your guests. However, if there are other desserts available, a smaller cake might be sufficient.

Is your cake to be displayed, or consumed? 
Some designs are not achievable with foam tiers, so we may not always be able to provide them. We recommend choosing a larger, authentic cake for a more enjoyable experience over a fake display cake.

Would you like to keep any tier/s or save some cake for later? 
Enjoy your cake at its freshest for up to 5 days by keeping it in an air-tight container in the refrigerator, or preserve it in the freezer for 2-3 months.

Cakes are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. For smaller cakes, a minimum of 4-6 weeks notice is required to allow sufficient time for discussion, quotation confirmation, and finalizing the order details. 

To secure your date, particularly for weddings where we get bookings up to a year in advance, it's advisable to give early notice and pay the deposit promptly. 

For last-minute needs, our READY-TO-ORDER selections are also available.

Our range includes a variety of flavors. You have the option to choose a different flavor for each tier of your cake from our cake collection.

Absolutely, we understand choosing a cake flavor can be a tough decision. To help, we offer cake tasting boxes available for purchase all year round.

Given the specific style of our cakes, we are unable to provide Vegan, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, and Egg-Free options. Our kitchen environment processes NUTS, DAIRY, GLUTEN, and SOY.

Our cakes are layered with delicious real buttercream on the inside and are covered with decadent white chocolate ganache on the outside.

Yes, you can choose a visually stunning tall or tiered cake with a “cake dummy” for your event if you don't need a large quantity of actual cake. However, we don't offer discounts for dummy tiers, as they require the same amount of time and resources to integrate into your cake design.

We handle all our deliveries personally to ensure that each order arrives in impeccable condition. Our delivery area generally covers locations within an hour's drive from The Central West End, St Louis, Mo. Deliveries beyond this range are evaluated individually, with fees based on the distance from the Zip Code 63108, starting at $50.

Currently, we do not provide a pickup service for orders. To guarantee that all orders arrive in perfect condition, we exclusively offer delivery services.

For safe transport of your cake from the delivery location, please adhere to the following instructions:

Transport the cake on a level surface, like the floor or trunk of your car, and ensure the air-conditioning is always active. After finalizing your cake purchase, you will receive our Cake Care Guide, which provides comprehensive advice on transportation, storage, and serving.

Cakes must be kept in the refrigerator. However, for your event or celebration, they can be displayed at room temperature. We strongly recommend keeping your cake in the fridge or an air-conditioned room for as long as possible before presenting it to your guests, particularly during warmer months.

Yes. We specialize in micro events, our Event Planner services offer tailored planning for intimate gatherings, ensuring each detail aligns with your vision. From small-scale birthdays to cozy corporate events, we create memorable, personalized experiences.